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Customize & Send Personalized Pre-Formatted "Hand-Written" Letters Now!
Welcome to Ron LeGrand's Approved Marketing
Get instant access to Ron LeGrand's best pre-designed mailer templates and start generating massive buyer and seller leads today.  Finally, successful direct mail campaigns made easy!
Pricing starting at just $.43 each. See Envelope Samples Here!

Completely Done-For-You
Choose any pre-loaded mail pieces and who to send to and we do the rest!
Ridiculous Response Rates
All mailers have been pre-tested and are already proven to maximize ROI!
Customized Mail Pieces
Your prospects will see their personal info which increases response rate!
Super Fast Turnaround
Our average turn around time is about 1-3 days!
Generate Qualified Leads
Upload your own marketing list or use one of ours to ensure qualified leads!
They are ugly - You can't miss them! They are short, direct and to the point! They are built with a "Call to Action"

They are cheap - We offer you a buyers club discount so postcards are as little as $.42ea Printed & Mailed First Class.

They are simple -
Even the guy opening his mail over the trash can can read it & "Get it" immediatley befor it's "Sorted & Filed"

They are different -
Nothing sophisticated here! Make your message short & sweet and to the point! This isn't the typical pretty girl with a smile selling teeth cleaning card that raises the "BS" meter to "HIGH"

They stand out - Ugly is the new Pretty! We use a stand out yellow paper stock and black or red handwritting fonts so your customer will see your letter or postcard no matter what!

They are pre-created - Stop Guessing! We took the labor of copy writing and designing out of the picture. All you have to do is tweak any of our "Pre-Created" - "Pre-formatted" marketing material if you want. Or, leave it alone and just send it!
No Setup fees. No hidden fees. No contracts
Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you get to Access our Smart Templates™ FREE. If you're not completely satisfied with our service or product let us know... We'll improve it.

There are no contracts and no commitments.

Pay for what you order. We'll print and mail whatever total is on your customer list.
Why do I have to fill out a form?
You fill out your personal information on our secure site "once." Then, our system knows where to "pre-populate" all your information on anything you order. That's why we call them "Smart Templates™"

How much are the postcards?
Starting at only $.42ea. Including First Class Mail

How much are the letters?
As little as $.48ea.
(Printed with Invitation Style Envelopes) -
"Real Stamps" available at checkout.

What size are they?
The postcards are 6"(w) x 4.25(h)
The letters are 8.5" x 11" or 8.5" x 14"
Be sure to check all the other options. We have "Envelope" letters as well!
How long does it take to setup my Account?
You will have instant access and be able to do them yourself right now!

Are there any contracts or commitments?
No. Everything is FREE to Access. Just pay for what you print & mail.
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